“Beera ke dus maathe…Beera ke sau nam”..what does this line appeal to your mind?Something mystic?something unearthly?..well let me introduce to all of you….this person is Beera,the protagonist of the film RAAVAN.I guess many might frown just as I have taken the name RAAVAN,one of the biggest box office flops in this year.But don’t jump into … Continue reading BEERA:RAAVAN OR THE REAL LEADER?


The Invincibles Floored!

Hail the “Head-Master”,Wesley Sneijder,the Dutch hero n the Brazil assassin!A bit of luck n oodles of football talent paved the way for the Dutch team into the semifinals of the FIFA World cup 2010.The predicted winners of this quarterfinal game and the probable world cup winners,Brazil,were derailed out of the world cup by the energetic,tactful … Continue reading The Invincibles Floored!