30 seconds to go…25 seconds to go..20 seconds to go…the countdown has begun and within a few moments ur dream will come true.You are the most-wanted,adorable pop band in England.Your dream to perform at the Wembley is just a few seconds from reality…you are behind the mighty curtains of the famous,coveted Wembley stage,seated on a throne..you can hear the frenzied excitement of the stadium..your band members look excited..tensed..antagonistic emotions grapple them.A big day for u..a defining moment in your life is about to happen.All set for a fabulous performance,suddenly something grips you..a haunting feeling of the past..was it atavistic?Nope,all the deeds..good,bad..very bad,almost heinous,which u had commited encapsulates you.The frenetic clamor of the audience fades gradually..your heart calms down surprisingly..you seem blank to your band members,you drift down to your past…The struggle-ridden days,where you assiduosly prepared for your “not-so-famous” but still valuable and cherished performances.You remember your best pal,whom you had “imported” from the rustic milieu of Punjab.He had the audience spellbound whenever he took charge of the microphone…his antics,naïve mannerisms,sexy-desi ishtyle,out-of-the box performance was eye candy to all and sundry….You envied him…how could a “villager”,who had never interacted with a foreigner,enthrall such a crowd..This untrained,Punjabi speaking lad had taken all the attention which you always had dearly desired..how could u accept such a thing?..But he was ur friend,your bosom friend,the only person from your home land who had kept touch with you…Couldn’t you sacrifice your fame,name,dream for your true friend?

NO!..NO!…Heart and mind tussle was obvious,but the denial of the heart was more obvious.But why?…cant you do this much for your friend?…the unreasoning heart still questioned…yes ..no ..yes ..no…no..No…final!NO!

Yes!you had won the battle…you followed YOUR decision,your mind’s saying.But why did your heart lose?The deepest fellings started showing up…slowly and gradually you could see your crooked,dark creature shedding its exoskeleton..comming out of you…very dangerous looking..but you loved it!afterall it was Your dream,YOUR ambition,YOUR hard work,YOUR perseverance,YOUR dedication towards music which had helped you to reach this platform…how could you let all this go for “just” a friend?………the Mind had to win.

The thoughts darkened..you planned to seal your friend’s fate,forgood.The conniving,shrewd,facet of your character shone and bloomed,secretly and silently though.You drugged him,made him a drug addict,a person who could not stand up without taking a dose of that noxious substance.

‘You are on!’a faint voice disturbed your dark thought,and in no moment spotlights,camera flashes,the roar of the Wembley dragged you from your darkness.Yes!YOU HAD DONE IT!The Wembley was yours!Reality was so sweet and you were ready to indulge…you belted out some of your most popoular numbers…the shoew was almost a super-hit!but wait,no escape dude!you had to pay for your sins…and yes you had to pay it on that day itself,on your DREAM-DAY!The audience asked for their favourite on stage…you strained your ears to listen the rhythmic name…you couldn’t believe your ears!shell-shocked you became!….what the f was this?It was YOUR project,YOU were the boss,YOU were the lead vocalist,this event was YOUR dream and the audience demanded your friend!You were shattered….the gods decided to teach you a lesson…HE broke YOUR DREAM…You couldn’t take this… you hurled you microphone at the crowd,abused them,broke ur guitar and left the stage in a fit of rage.You couldn’t let your ego lose,instead you boke ur dream to protect ur ego.

What a shame!What a drama!What a fiasco!What an unsporting spirit!What a disastrous event!Everything was at stake…if the Wembley event was a success you could have  been pronounced as a mega pop band…but all was over…The dark creature in you had won,and your once good dreams had turned into deep.dark dreams.


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