Torn between Sheila and Munni?

Probably the toughest thing to decide in 2010,but it hardly matters as we Indians,all and sundry,have feasted our eyes over these hottest item numbers of 2010!Be it the mesmerizing Malaika’s jhatkas or the smouldering Kat’s oozing jawani,we have devoured them with lustful pleasure.

As we step into 2011,we retrospect at the decade we have come across,the first decade of the 21st century!Concentrating only on the Bollywood item numbers,I must say Bolly music,choreography,cinematography has undergone a sea change for the better.Thanks to our innovative music directors and the dedicated technicians and sound engineers who have created such amazing songs;the all-enthusiastic,variety-loving choreographers who have taught our stars to dance to their wonder steps.The 90’s had their own essence,I remember Yeh kaali kaali ankhein,the item number from the early 90’s blockbuster, Baazigar and the Shiamak flavour in the late 90’s highlighted by Dance-of-envy from Dil to Pagal Hai.Its not that the choreography or the music was inferior  compared to present,these fields are nowadays being heavily experimented and newer,unexplored arenas are being forrayed.One can accuse them for plagiarism,but who bothers as we continue getting entertained?

An item number in the 90’s depended almost completely upon music.Today,various factors are included:locale,skilled dancer,uninhibited dancer (as she has to wear skimpy outfits),she must have a body-to-die-for figure,state-of-the-art cinematography,bold choreography and last but not the least,a snazzy,multi-track music.Another facet of present item numbers is our heroes too perform them!Earlier it used to be either the beautiful heroine trying to seduce her reel-man or an “imported” dancer feeding the wanton desires of the crowd.Nowadays our heroes have come out of their all-clothed avatar to bare-all avatar,be it flaunting their multipack abs or a blink-and-miss butt show!The past decade began with Ek pal ka jeena,where Hrithik showed the he was indeed a God’s-gift-to-mankind, wooing everyone from children to octogenarians(slightly exaggerated:P),irrespective of sex.He completely gave a new dimension to Bollywood dancing.Then came many,but one number strikes distinct pitch as we zoom into our super-Khan’s category,Dard-e-disco by SRK.The 40-plus super Khan had given everyone a chase for their money as he rose from the water flaunting his 6 pack avatar.

Coming back to the girls,the scene hasn’t been any different.Heroines have willingly shed their inhibitions and gyrated to item songs displaying ample of flesh.With their super hot bods and ever-revealing clothes,they have become personified aphrodisiacs to th e Indian male.

The tussle between the Shielas and Munnis is not going to die in this decade too as Deepika welcomes this decade with her scorching Dum maaro dum!Till then enjoy and let others enjoy!(:P)



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