The Curious Case of The Indians and The Britons!

Debacle! The only word which reeks in my mind when I retrospect the recent outcomes of the Indian Cricket Team when they tour overseas. Be it England or Down Under, our players have invariably displayed egregious performances. Is there something to do with  insular geography? Trash! I dismiss it! Or is it “white-skin syndrome”causing a cold sweat to develop in our cricketers? Nah! Barring the on-field sledging and chin-music the fair skinned audiences are far more courteous and appreciative than our fellow countrymen. Then why such a showdown? Hello! WhyIndiaalone? The Britons are not too far behind. The pathetic tour against Pakistan in Dubai and the hapless demonstration when they got trampled all over the place by our players in our very own land talks volumes about their similarity with our players….Perplexed about its occurrence? Haha, see my title and tell me isn’t it apt?

The actual reason eludes my mind while trying to come to terms with this “curious” case. Rather the inquisitive me gets brimmed with even more questions, famished for a grain of answer. Prudence says Time will answer, while Pragmatism rejoinders introspection. Both the teams despite having ranks 1 and 2 in the ICC Test rankings, play like school kids when subjected to foreign soil. None of the teams have any dearth of talent in any department of the game. If India boasts of The Little Master, The Wall or The Sehwag, England brags of the Test Cricketer of 2011, Jonathan Trott; the maverick, KP, the Ashes Player of the tournament, Alastair Cook. IfIndiahas Zaheer, Praveen and Ashwin at its helm,EnglandhasAnderson, Broad and Swanny to unleash. Talk about fielding? Try and compare Yuvraj and Eoin Morgan or Virat and Ian Bell. And, ah! the keeping department, MSD vs Matt Prior? Both can send the cherry out of the park at will!

Then why such dismal performances abroad? Please don’t ask me for an answer as I am not a cricketing guru or a critic. I am a mere cricket fan. My only objective is to bring forth the “startling” performances of the two best teams around in the world of cricket. While one is the recent ICC World Cup Champions the other is the current ICC World T20 Champions! Steps are to be implemented otherwise my title might get transpired into an epithet!



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