Its 3G!

Kudos to the telecommunication experts who have designed the state-of-the-art 3G technology! Browsing speed at the rate of nauts, buffer-less video streaming, blotch-free video calling, seamless music downloads, its all happening in today’s mobile/dongle  technology . Thanks to the 3G technology which brings a gamut of mind boggling internet experience, be it on a smartphone or a computer.

The icing on the cake is the term “unlimited”, where Aircel, one ofIndia’s most popular, glitch-free 3G service provider, offers its customers an exhaustive table of 3G tariffs. One can “cut his cloak according to his cloth.” Unlimited 3G, if provided, I would take a plunge into the amazing world of internet, which would include but not restricted to:

  • Watch video clips, live streaming of sports
  • make video calls
  • download music
  • apply to jobs on job sites
  • access net banking
  • delve into e-learning portals
  • download umpteen apps…and so on!

Aircel, owing to its fantastic technology, provides a speed upto 3.6mbps, which is indeed terrific! The rate calculator on Aircel’s website calculated my tariff to 399INR, which would be perfectly fine for me. Thanks Aircel for a customer friendly website and more importantly pocket friendly tariffs without compromising on the quality of service. Last but not the least, thanks for putting up such a fantastic contest where the breath taking HTC ONE V is up for the grabs!


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