Aami ar amaar girlfriends.

Accuse me for ambivalence, i would rather accept the allegation gladly because this particular Bhaumick creation is copious with ambivalences. As rightly stated by him, the film neither glorifies women, nor maligns them. The shady as well as the revered facets of a female character(read contemporary, early 21st century female character) is portrayed vividly and with unambiguity. Similarly, taking his lead, i too would illustrate the highs and lows of the film.

Firstly, the aspects which i disliked:

a)      Skin-show: Call it contemporary or the “in vogue” thing but i would take a strict call, as such a demonstration was not required. Am i sounding as a tight-assed schoolmarm? I don’t care.

b)      Cuss words: For Heaven’s sake please do not glorify the so-called “ liberated”, independent woman who keeps on uttering the god forsaken words with elan.

c)       Happy endings: Come on, that is too mainstream. I expected something jarring, monumental or at least a lump-in-the-throat kind of an ending, but it was nothing but a plain-Jane ending.

Disappointed, Mainak babu.

Now, the greener side:

a)      Blunt dialogues: Forget laconic, this is the age of blatancy. The on-your-face dialogues, monologues was something to cheer about. The deepest fantasies, secrets, aspirations, plights, insecurities experienced by women were shown bluntly.

b)      Steady pace: The movie never loses momentum. The three stories are cascaded and you do not feel bored or suffer monotony.

c)       All woman’s club: Probably the first movie in Tollywood which has no male protagonist. The story revolves around three women and their lives.

Nevertheless the movie was a hit and drew pretty much a decent crowd during the first week of its release, thanks to the curiously created title. Mainak has a penchant for writing contemporary stories, his previous Macch, Mishti and more too had the contemporary flavour, but its time he should discover and experiment with other genres. On the same lines is another director, Agnidev Chatterjee who keeps on making films which has a neglected, married woman, as the protagonist. One should take lessons from the great Anjan Dutt who creates films of the same category i.e commercial-art films where in every movie the theme is different, the backdrop is unique and the storytelling is absolutely in a different vertical. Buckle up Mainak!



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