Taasher Desh.

Whoa! What? Did you say Q? Yes, it’s The Q (Qaushiq Chatterjee), the maverick, the radical, the insane, the genius. Like his name, his films too are bizarre. This particular flick is his adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s novel bearing the same name. And as expected, Q leaves no stone unturned to leave his audience perplexed, … Continue reading Taasher Desh.


First Class First.

A dark drama.  As an audience you would leave with a grimace on your as if someone had kicked your balls. Ajay Bahl does not leave anything to imagination; he is blunt and never waits for a second invitation to showcase his raw take on cinematography and direction. Shadab Kamal(as  Mukesh) delivers a masterpiece, Shilpa … Continue reading First Class First.