Buckle up, Infy!

A commoditising market, a looming economic crisis, bearish investors, employee attrition, cut-throat competitors and rickety talent resources are plaguing the once numero uno of the Indian IT industry. Even worse is the fact that many executives in the top brass too are abandoning the ship. In such a wake of events what are the options Infy have to survive? I guess the industry pundits will have an answer, but nonetheless, a tyro like me can at least try to investigate the cause behind such a downfall. An expected AAGR (2013-14) of less than 10% definitely calls for an analysis.

a)      Hackneyed business approach

For ages, Infy has relied only upon outsourcing and its business approach has conspicuously been India-centric. With a 94% of workforce employed in India it would not be difficult for a layman to corroborate the above mentioned fact.

b)      Inefficient execs at the helm

With due honour to the present heads, it is sad to state that Infy has lost its mojo. Once an empire which refined lustre, Infy has now reached an effete stage. Will the midas NRN, now Executive Chairman, be able to return Infy to its past glory? Hope it happens.

c)       Inability to adapt to current business environment

Small, lean business models are in vogue, the age-old behemoths are now a passé. Clients now favour such models as the business environments are volatile.

d)      Poor talent resources

Recruitment from below par tech schools which produce even sub par techies are a cause for concern. The management needs to find a solution to address this major problem. Readers: Don’t get pissed off, me too belong to the same category of below par techies.

So, the obvious measures to parry such impediments would be to design a revamped business approach, efficient and effective management, change according to market demands and proactive, analysed recruitment of talent. Let’s hope that this IT major regains its glory soon and usher a new dawn for itself and the industry.



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