The Indian Smartphone Market – a tale of the meteoric rise of Chinese giants!

The Chinese smartphone brands have redefined marketing & have taken the Indian smartphone market by a storm! Let's take cognizance of the fact that Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Gionee have become household names thanks to their ubiquitous advertising and branding exercise almost bordering on banner-blindness! With a fool-proof strategy of establishing the best-possible distribution network, … Continue reading The Indian Smartphone Market – a tale of the meteoric rise of Chinese giants!


Durga Puja @kolkata

"A man in Delhi once asked me "What is so special about Durga Puja In Kolkata? It's just as big as Diwali is here in the North''. I simply smiled and replied 'You have no idea'.Waiting for my late evening flight to Mumbai at the airport, I thought that there probably isn't any festival in … Continue reading Durga Puja @kolkata

Aami ar amaar girlfriends.

Accuse me for ambivalence, i would rather accept the allegation gladly because this particular Bhaumick creation is copious with ambivalences. As rightly stated by him, the film neither glorifies women, nor maligns them. The shady as well as the revered facets of a female character(read contemporary, early 21st century female character) is portrayed vividly and … Continue reading Aami ar amaar girlfriends.

The Dutta Duel

Experts proclaimed “This is the best work of Anjan”, websites heaped honours, viewers rejoiced, clamoured and amongst many others leaving the cinema hall, I too was dazed. Unabashed, prolific, poignant, pompous, self gratifying, intense. Anjan Dutta had done it! Dutta vs Dutta deserves applause! The film portrays the life of a rich, proud, immoral lawyer … Continue reading The Dutta Duel