Durga Puja @kolkata

"A man in Delhi once asked me "What is so special about Durga Puja In Kolkata? It's just as big as Diwali is here in the North''. I simply smiled and replied 'You have no idea'.Waiting for my late evening flight to Mumbai at the airport, I thought that there probably isn't any festival in … Continue reading Durga Puja @kolkata



Awesome performance by MSD boys stole away da match from Pakistan...india were brilliant in their bowling,disciplined Praveen Kumar managed to snatch away 3 wickets...fielding was quite commendable...pak  on the other hand were nt at all impressive...they managed a moderate score by batting first...n were poor in the 2nd haf...they dropped catches...miss fields were regular....at the … Continue reading KUDOS TO THE INDIAN CRICKET TEAM!